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Hi, I am Jesus Rivera, creator of Agape Leather goods.

My love for leather started as a kid playing baseball, my glove was my treasure and my favorite part was the smell and texture of the leather. 

In the fall 2016, I felt the need to find a new hobby, I was struggling with depression after suffering an accident where I lost a finger and another one was fused. Inspired by a handmade wallet that my wife gave me I bought a few leather tools and started to play with leather. After trial and error I designed my first minimalist wallet, I made a few to gift for Christmas that year and the feedback I got was pure motivation to continue with my new obsession. Working with leather was a creative outlet that help me cope with depression. I used to think that after my accident I was going to be very limited with my hand and now I am so proud of the things I have been able to create 100% hand- stitched.

A few months later after designing the minimalist wallets, I wanted to surprise my wife for her birthday with a leather tote, she loved it and could't believe that I had made that with no sewing machine, so every time she got compliments on her tote she had to tell the story behind, and that is how I gained my first clients, people started to ask me to make them one and from there it was like a chain. Thanks to many happy clients & their incredible support, I have been able to expand my business from my basement to my dream leather studio.

In a world of mass production it is important for me to preserve true craftsmanship to honor our history and create functional, timeless, and artisanal leather-crafted designs with the finest materials that will last a lifetime, telling your own story.

I invite you to visit during studio hours to see the process, check out our leather goods available or to place your custom order.

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